Work Related Stress And Rejection
- My Experience

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my website and finding your way to this article. As I have been living in Mumbai away from family and friends for almost 13 years, I would like to share some of my learnings based on my experience in the hope that it might be useful for some who are embarking on a similar journey in their life.

The very first lesson that I  learnt when I  came into the modelling  industry was rejection. It is the first thing you face and will face throughout your career. Please don’t take this personally.  As a model you will go through numerous auditions and meetings before you end up booking a job. In most cases you will be rejected for a majority of the jobs. This has nothing to do with the talent or skills but just a matter of many factors coming together from the mood of the casting person, clients preference, photographers pet, the agency looking at the talent they have worked with before, budget is a major factor etc.

All I can say is that we need to remember that we are all individuals and are unique. No-one can do the job we are meant to do and similarly we can’t do the job the next person can do. Having said that let me also say that there is enough work for everyone. We just have to continue to do our best and forget the rest.

I have also realised that when people say there is a lot of struggle in this field, they may be talking about it from a different view point. For me the word struggle is replaced by the word growth. Everything we do should come from the point of view of it adding value to our lives. We can’t master any skill without putting the effort and everyone starts from the bottom of the skill level and slowly move their way into the top. This is something we must always remember. The key is to have belief in ourselves and to never give up.

There is a similar pattern when it comes to auditioning for acting jobs but here your acting skills play a major role, you need to work on your craft day in and day out for you to stand out in the crowd. That is the only thing besides physical grooming that is under our control. The rest is very similar to the modelling world. Many factors play a role in getting a job which are beyond our control so, in the end I will say this again “Do your best and forget the rest!”

Written by Namit Khanna

Date: 26th June 2020