What makes Namit Khanna so endearing??


Namit Khanna is a human extraordinaire. He is a perfect blend of old school and modernism. Evolved and Intelligent. Flamboyant on screen and a calm demeanour off screen.

Namit offers you everything in a single visit. Extremely charming aura with a personality that attracts many! Truly, god created this man with some extra time in his hands. Very very very endearing and unapologetically lovable. Don’t believe me?? Then read on..

1. Innocent and Pure : A super model and now a heartthrob of millions, Namit is as pure and as innocent as a child. He can’t mince with his words. He says what he feels and this innocence makes him extremely lovable. Purity of his thoughts is a reflection of his outstanding upbringing, all thanks to his parents.

2. Honest : Again, Namit is very honest with each and everything he does. This honesty transpires on screen too and thus, the characters he portrays never fail to create a bond with the viewers.

3. Forgiving : One of the greatest thing we can offer to this world is our forgiveness and Namit is embedded in forgiving quality. He never believes in retaliation, instead he believes in moving on. He won’t stay at a place which doesn’t serve any purpose. Namit would choose to maintain sanity wherever he is.

4. Compassionate and Empathetic : Just look at this 6’2″ boy and his attitude towards life. Full of compassion and empathy. Undying love for the voiceless (animals) and kindness for all the living beings.

5. True Gentleman : Mr Khanna’s chivalry is a known fact. His respect for the fairer sex and his thoughtfulness for everyone from any age group is so so heart warming. His social media antics and posts are true reflection of his inner self.

Namit stay the way you are because there can never be another Namit and there can never be another tribe as beautiful as Namitians.


Written by Dr Swati Dwivedi

Date: 13th June 2020.