Namit Khanna

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Travel Blogs

Personal Travel Tips

Personal Travel Tips After having found the passion for exploring new places and capturing their beauty with my camera, I have found a certain pattern in making these travels possible and with the best outcome. For me it all begins with the thought and sudden urge to get out of town. Depending on my work [...]

Photography Tips

Photography Tips My personal experience and learnings over the years… How my passion for photography kept increasing and my final images kept getting better... 1. First thing is to start shooting, the more you shoot the better you understand what images are working through the many mistakes you will make. Best thing about digital photography [...]

El Salto del Fraile – The saga of a forbidden love

El Salto del Fraile The saga of a forbidden love (The Flying Monk) While taking cycle tour in Lima, I came across this beautiful restaurant facing the sea and with a fantastic view.I stopped my bicycle to take some pictures and then realised that it was one of the stops on the sightseeing tour. After [...]

World’s Highest Organic Tea Garden

World’s Highest Organic Tea Garden Kolukkumalai Tea Estate (Idduki) If You are cold, TEA will warm You. If You are heated, Tea will cool You. If You are depressed, Tea will cheer You. If You are excited, Tea will calm You. These were the words that welcome you at this old hidden tea factory. Even [...]

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