Hi Namit,

Just wanted to know if youd be interested in featuring in a fan meet and greet photoshoot event that`s being planned in London featuring yourself, Surbhi Chandna, Nakuul Mehta and other few leading actors and actresses, I had tried DMing you on Instagram but didnt get any response at all from you, I had even tried emailing you all of the relevant details that you needed to know via your email address mentioned in your bio, but didn`t get any reply, so just wanted to find out if this opportunity is something that`d interest you or not and we can discuss further details on what this is about, whats being planned, what the concept is and how exactly we are going to get it done, how we are going to execute the plan and what are some of the safety precautions that we will be taken with respect to the current covid-19 pandemic and the schedules as well as your payments as it is indeed a paid event. So therefore, if you are interested, please feel free to leave me a DM on my Instagram, which is @aaleeyology or you could send me an email and I shall send you a response mentioning all of the details and info you need, its being rescheduled for the month of Dec now, its a little bit delayed due to covid-19, which I`m sure you can understand, Let me knoe if you are interested, looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanking you with the best and warmest of regards,

Aali Khan Aawasthi

alik65750@gmail.com is my email address.

Hi, the above mentioned email address is correct, I`m assuming you may have typed it in wrong. Please could you try again and let me know what you find. Or alternatively, if it still doesn`t work, you can contact me on my other email address which is:


Or you could send me a DM on Insta wid all of the info

@aaleeyology is my Insta ID.

Thank you,


Kindly check ur mail id.. as they say this id doesn’t exist.

Check your insta..please

Will do…. Please also forward the info on my other email address too, as I`m checking that now: