Namititis : A disorder common amongst Namitians

If you haven’t been able to sleep since you have watched Namit on your television screens or you wake up in the middle of night to check Namit’s Instagram or his website or if you keep checking whether Namit has replied to your DMs then don’t you worry because you’re simply suffering from Namititis ; a disorder solely seen amongst Namit fans.

As this Endemic is fast increasing amongst Namitians , we have brought a detailed account of this disease process and the treatment and prevention too. Here you go..



Age group : Common amongst all age groups…right from small kids to dadis.

Gender : Although seen in both the sexes, but incidence is higher amongst the fairer sex.

Seasonal Variation : This is seen all throughout the year with almost equal intensity.


Route of transmission:

A: Mobile and TV sets serve as primary source of transmission. Once you see his royal face on your screen, there is no cure, sorry !

B: And then coming in contact with any person suffering from Namititis, you can acquire this disease instantly.


Signs and Symptoms:

  1. Dreaming all day about Namit.
  2. Making friends with people who also love Namit.
  3. Always checking Instagram to keep in sync with Namit.
  4. Waiting for his DMs.
  5. Loving each and everything about Namit.
  6. Collecting Namit’s pictures in your mobile.
  7. Watching Namit’s old shows again and again.
  8. Setting alarm for his live sessions.
  9. Having Namit’s picture as your DP.
  10. Having tremendous amount of love for Namit.



Sorry guys, there is no treatment at all. Scientists are trying to develop a vaccine but no success.



Again no preventive method available but yes, to avoid withdrawal symptoms keep in loop with Namit’s posts, interviews, website and fellow Namitians.


P.S. Well this is one disease even doctors don’t want to stop. This disorder is all things love. Let the love flowing and let Namititis take everyone all again.


Written by Dr.Swati Dwivedi
Date:5th September 2020