Namit Khanna : Thank you for Existing !


When days are dull and life is slow,
When things are not okay and mood is low,
Then there is this guy,
To make us all happy and glow.


Sometimes we don’t even realise how we have touched people around us and cheered them up when they had nothing to look up to. How our smallest of actions have brought love and light into their lives, how our words of kindness and appreciation have made them feel better and this is what exactly Namit Khanna has been doing since he has entered in the lives of his fans and well wishers.

Whether his cute antics or meaningful posts, his hilarious live sessions or loving notes, Namit has time and again proven that he is a rainbow of happiness who is here to spread happiness and just happiness. Namit’s power lies in his subtlety, with the usage of very few yet impactful words. His aura, his charm, his vibes are so soothing and calming that he can put a smile on the face of even the hardest person around.

Dignified, well mannered, respectful and always always always loving. He is sheer delight to have around. Unaffected with worldly definitions of success, he is writing his success script in his own ‘signature Namit Khanna’ style, where there’s no place of jealousy, rat race or desire to push anyone to race ahead. He is a blessing and a gift of Almighty to each one of us, whether his family, friends or fans.


A heartfelt thanks from the bottom of our hearts Namit,
For being you..
For being so loving…
Thank you Namit for EXISTING !


Written by Dr.Swati Dwivedi
Date:5th September 2020