Most loved section of the website


We have been receiving rave reviews about our website and each one of you, whether it’s Namit’s family, his friends or his extended family i.e. Namitians has showered us with so much of love and appreciation. And one section which stood out is “QUOTES BY NAMIT”. Everyone is totally in awe of these beautiful beautiful thoughts by the man himself.

Well, how and why did this idea of quote section arise was because of Namit’s deep thinking process, which always worked for each one of his fans. His absolute thought provoking Instagram posts to his intelligent bytes during his interviews, everything needed to be preserved at one place and what better than dedicating a complete section to it. And so “QOUTES BY NAMIT” came alive.

Now the question comes from where did we find out these quotes? So for that all his interviews were watched and articles were read again. His Instagram posts were revisited and these golden words were picked and compiled and then presented beautifully on the website.

These precious words by Namit are a delight to read. They can motivate you, make you feel much more confident and happy at the same time, can push you when you’re down and can pick you up when you feel defeated. We promise to keep updating the quotes section regularly and keep this website as a source of COURAGE, MOTIVATION, HAPPINESS AND DETERMINATION.

Written by Dr.Swati Dwivedi
Date:7th August 2020