Important Tool To Survive The Work And No Work Pressures

As we all go through times that none of us would have ever imagined, it is extremely important for us to not let this get to us. These times may seem to be the toughest for many of us who are either stuck alone, have lost their job, in financial difficulties or dealing with the virus itself. We have infinite power within us to change these poison into medicine. It is only a matter of us trying to tap into that potential. In the times we live in, there are so many different methods or paths that we can take in order to tap that inner potential or our higher self. To add to that we have access to all the information we need about these paths at our finger tips.

In my limited life experience specially in the years I have been living alone, I have inevitably come across beautiful spiritual paths that have given me a lot of joy and most importantly a feeling of grounding. Something that we in this Sahã world are constantly moving away from. We have umpteen distractions all around us that keep us engaged from the waking moment till we fall asleep. It is not only our right but necessity for our soul or inner voice to be heard and for that we have to physically make the effort to try and silence our mind. There are many practices, methods, ideologies or paths we may explore in order to find the one that resonates with us completely but the bottom line and learning are always similar. The important thing is to go within and not try finding answer outside. The key is consistency and I myself struggle with it. Having a daily practice or spiritual ritual to connect with our own higher self is crucial.

It is important to nourish our physical body through what we eat and exercise, mind by reading and utilising it constructively and creatively and also our souls through our chosen daily spiritual practice.

It just takes determination. No one else will be able to do this for us. It is up to us and only us.


Written by Namit Khanna

Date: 26th June 2020