Namit Khanna

  • Actor
  • Photographer
  • Model
  • Traveler

Enter Contest

Enter Contest

1 FAVORITE perfume
2 Islands Namit has visited in the past.
3 Name of the foreign university he has studied in.
4 Sister’s name.
5 One of his nick names.
6 One word to describe Namit.
7 His favorite Bollywood song.
8 He was born in this month.
9 First ever acting stint.
10 Last show on star plus.
11 He learnt this language recently.
12 Namit loves to play this musical instrument, so what he should be called?
13 One peculiarity of his picture collection from Kolkata.
14 His preferred mode of exercise.
15 He loves sweets made up of this ingredient.
16 His favorite drink at home.
17 Favourite chocolate.
18 Nickname of his best friend.
19 Place he wants to visit as soon as.
20 One word for his fans.

Current Contest :

Puzzle Contest

Rules :

1. Contest starts from today i.e 20th December at 2pm IST and ends on 27th December at 6pm IST.

2. All you have to do is to find 20 words related to Namit Khanna on the basis of the given clues. Once done you can submit your entry.

3. In case of multiple correct entries, winners will be chosen on first come first served basis.

4. Winners will be announced on the website.

Contest Entry Form

Fill in your answers in the form and hit Submit.

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