An ode to a heartthrob…Namit Khanna !!


Amid all the uncertainties of life,
He entered our lives as a;
Certainty for lifetime..
When things were not going fine,
He grinned and signalled,
Arrival of a mystic sunshine.

Carrying the innocence of a little child
With a quest to live a life as beautiful as,
Wind chime.

He is not a quintessential hero,
And doesn’t promise..
To be a prince of our dreamlands.
But he has his own mysterious aura and charm.

With those deep brown eyes..
He brings his own magic and divine.
He oozes royalty,
Yet he makes you believe in simplicity.
He talks like a Buddhist,
And is a superb artist.
His pictures are reflection of his inner self
His quotes are a mirror image of his upbringing as they say.

They don’t make them like him anymore
He is unique,
He is unreal,
He is a heartthrob..
And sombre to the core.

Written by Dr Swati Dwivedi

Date: 13th June 2020