A rendezvous with Namit Khanna through my eyes

Namit Khanna; a man I adore with all my existence. Someone who affirms my faith in goodness and kindness. A man of few, yet powerful words. A charmer, a gentleman and an idol in truest sense.

On 29th of October, 1984 in India’s capital, New Delhi there was an arrival of second child to Mr & Mrs Khanna, a very adorable baby boy who was lovingly named Namit. He was brought up in Delhi and he did his schooling from Modern School Vasant Vihar. Later pursued his BBA from Rai University Delhi and the final year of graduation was completed in Kingston University London.


This ‘Dilli ka Ladka’ swoon away everyone with his impeccable aura and dashing style. Namit rose to fame with his web series Twisted and TV shows ‘Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai’ and ‘Sanjivani’. There is something so innocent and so magical about Namit that one cannot resist his aura and charm. His innate honesty transpires on screen as well and makes his characters hit among masses!

With his sheer modesty and compassion, Namit breaks many stereotypes about models and actors. He is grounded like hell and gentle like a morning breeze. He comes across as someone who is sweet, innocent, thoroughly gentle and considerate.

Namit’s fan following ranges from teenagers to working moms. If a young girl dreams about him then we also have dadi’s who bless him as their own grandson.

His social media posts are hit among his fans and his pictures are the reason Namitians stay up on Instagram and Twitter all the day till dawn.

Idolizing Namit is like food for my soul. Every time I interact with him he gives me yet another reason to adore him, to love him and to respect him.

Wishing Namit many more milestones and achievements and more than anything tremendous love for him !!

Written by Dr Swati Dwivedi

Date: 13 June 2020