Well, it’s been almost a month since this very special baby, the website www.namitkhanna.com was launched and it still feels surreal. Namit is probably amongst those very few Television actors who own their own website because in the times of social media there is hardly any need of website. But..but…but Namit is not just an actor, his profile is beyond shows and acting and fandoms. He’s an ace photographer, that too travel one. And if you ask me, then his travel pictures have made this website one of the most good looking sites ever.

Well, going back to the launch day, our website almost crashed with 10.2K visitors soon after it was launched. Our developer had to get more resources in order to ensure smooth running of the site.

There has been tremendous response and everyone has loved this little baby of Namit specially the travel blogs, quotes, travel pictures and solo ones. Also the home page still remains the highlight of this site with music and confetti and what not, seems like some carnival is going on..

We thank each one of you from the bottom of our heart for showering so much of love and more love on this website and Namit as well.. And we promise to keep updating this website with latest of information about Namit. Till then keep loving and blessing Namit and his precious little one www.namitkhanna.com.

Written by Dr.Swati Dwivedi
Date:7th August 2020