Happy birthday
Mr. Namit 'Heartthrob' Khanna

And it kickstarts festive season for Namitians, diwali before actual diwali..Yes today is the day, when Namit, our very own Namit, was born. We wish you a very very very happy birthday Namit.

You are extremely special to all of us. You have stolen a piece of heart of each one of us and have taken it away from us for eternity..so when your heart beats, a zillion of hearts start beating with you..

Our eyes are always filled up with your dreams, so when you sleep, zillions of eyes dream along. Our face lit up when we see you on screen,so every time you are there on our screens, zillions of faces across the globe lit up.

You have become a part of our lives, a part of our families in little span of time. No day is complete without watching a little scene of yours, visiting your social media page or having a conversation about you with a fellow Namitian.

On this very special day of yours, we wish you tons of love, luck and absolute happiness… May god shower his choicest of blessings upon you. Wishing you the world and more and beyond…

Much Love !

Written by Dr.Swati Dwivedi
Date:28th October 2020